Exactly What Is a ‘Combi Boiler’

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A combination boiler, known commonly as a “combi boiler”, provides space heating and domestic hot water all in one. This saves a lot of room and on most cases a lot of money.

Contemporary A-rated combi boilers like Energy Dimensions‘s wide ranging stock are predominately stainless steel condensing units with the addition of a in-built sub heat exchanger to offer domestic hot water to a household or building. During the peak heating season, the combination boiler operates as needed to warm a premises for the washing up, hot showers, sinks and much more. During summer, the unit is seldom used and will only activate when there is a call for domestic hot water.

Combi boilers provide ultra efficient hot water for these two primary reasons; they have an extremely high operating efficiency and also have a small internal water capacity. Meaning that in the warmer seasons, owners will only pay to warm the water that you really need, not an entire tank.


The cost upfront for combi boiler installation is predominantly cheap in comparison to other alternatives. The unit is regularly cheaper than installing both a boiler and a water heater separately. For much the same reason, the fitting cost and equipment needed to install a combi boiler will be much less also.

Homeowners with limited space will appreciate the perks of a small combi boiler. These appliances can generally be fitted in areas not bigger than a storage cupboard. And it’s because of this that combi boilers are popular in flats, bungalows and condominium’s in locations where there is no basement or loft available.

Is a combi heater the best decision for my home?

Offering hydronic space warming and domestic high temp water production all in one compact appliance is a huge advantage in comparison to other options, particularly due the low fitting cost. Though, these units won’t be suitable for every home and heating application. For the most part, there will be no difference between a combi boiler and water heater. The exception would be in homes that use up a lot of hot water simultaneously for separate uses. If that kind of water usage is typical, then speak with your heating engineer or plumber to discuss the which option is best for your specific home and usage. You can get your next combi boiler on finance at www.energydimensions.net

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